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Alan Wake Remastered Redeem Code

About the Alan Wake Remastered Game

The game is played in both light and dark, which seemed like a perfect complement to the magic of the high dynamic range, but Remedy did not consider it necessary to include it.

Alan Wake Remastered is a psychological thriller in which a best-selling author suffers from a writing block. At the end of the game, Alan finds himself in a surreal version of Bright Falls and realizes that he is trapped in a more surreal alternative dimension known as the Dark Place, where thoughts and ideas become reality. Remastered offers a complete experience of the original game and its two-story enhancements Signal Writer and Beyond with breathtaking new 4K graphics.

Alan Wake Remastered is published by Epic Games Publishing and is available for PC from the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Xbox One S & Xbox One X. The cinematic bumps are in progress from 1080p to 4K, and several sequences in which Alan uses his old character model have been fixed. Something strange is going on in Bright Falls, and Alan is in the middle of it, with a more detailed coat and a better face.

Alan Wake Remastered casts a flattering light on one of the most popular games on the Xbox 360 that is now first available for PlayStation users. Alan Wake, which first appeared on Xbox 360 in 2010 and was later ported to PC, is exactly the kind of game storytelling that lovers like Finnish studio Remedy have been doing ever since.

Burnt by countless flashlight batteries, one too many metaphors heard and no thermos flask or jug of coffee found scattered around the world, the game serves as a fitting reminder of how brilliant Remedy has been in recent years in entertainment psychological thrillers.

When we set out in Remedy to redesign the original Alan Wake, we knew we had to work hard to provide an experience that not only lived up to the legacy but also introduced the game to a new audience and raised the graphics to modern standards. Alan Wake is a game that many people have a heart for, including us and a lot of dedicated Xbox fans who picked it up on Xbox 360 in 2010.

To this end, here at Remedy, we have teamed up with the talented people at D3T, a team with tons of experience and technical knowledge in reinterpreting modern classics. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring it to a new generation of platforms. Even if you have never played the game or just love its strong history and plenty of action, you should consider this remaster. If you want more giveaway program like this, please write to us.

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